Thursday, 13 January 2011

XerJoff Second Chance

Following the success of our recent XerJoff giveaway, the good folk at XerJoff Italy are delighted to offer 10 additional Sorcery of Scent readers two (2) samples each of their choice from the XerJoff perfume portfolio!
We've just selected 10 names at random to receive these prizes from the original competition prize-pool!

The winners are:

Le Grand Duc

These readers will be contacted privately by email or PM with details on how their samples can be claimed. You can choose any two different samples from the XJ 17/17, Casamorati or Shooting Stars collections.

Congratulations once again!

10 comments: said...

Thank you! I couldn't be happier, I have been wanting to try this line for quite a while. Thanks for the second chance :)

David Toms said...

Excellent! I was so disappointed when I found I was too late for the first chance!

Angela Cox said...

Even better Dimitri I just had confirmation that my sample scent box is on it's way. I never thought I'd be able to afford Xerjoff. It'll be a very welcome courier who knocks my door. The price is reasonable , obviously you don't get the lovely bottles but it was a great idea and I am glad I read your blog. I'll try to write about them when they arrive .

deeHowe said...

Congrats Olfactoria! ;)

Vintage Lady said...

This is great, congratulations to the winners.

taffynfontana said...

Oh my this is such a treat congratulations to all the new winners. I have to admit I am quite jealous.

Hali said...

Awesome, thank you (and XerJoff)! : ) I'll be in touch ASAP.

Zazie said...

What a wonderful opprtunity! And congrats to the winners!

Angela Cox said...

Order now if you want sample boxes . I ordered one on Wednesday and it arrived today ( friday) with a pile of samples and a catalogue to ogle. That is the best service I have ever had !

wolfrb said...

Awesome, thanks for the second chance. Now which 2 will it be hmm...